The United States tax code is complicated and constantly subject to change, thus creating complex and significant tax issues for clients.  Individuals and Businesses hire Lewis-Traut & Ruswick, APC to navigate through the various tax issues and develop and implement tax planning strategies that help reduce or mitigate all forms of tax liability, including but not limited to: estate tax, income tax, property tax, corporate/entity tax, and transfer tax.

At Lewis Business & Estate Planning, APC, we have the technical expertise and sophistication of a large firm with the accessibility and personal touch of a boutique firm.

Because Federal and State tax issues touch on many aspects of daily life, it is important to hire an attorney that understands the tax implications involved with various transactions. A transaction as seemingly benign as the purchase or sale of real estate can have numerous tax implications at the federal and state levels. Our Attorneys have the necessary tax knowledge and expertise to identify potential and existing tax issues and to structure a plan that minimizes or eliminates unnecessary tax liability. Whether we are structuring a plan to minimize estate tax exposure by utilizing each spouse’s full estate or gift tax exemption amount, or structuring a business succession plan that transfers the family business to another family member or business associate, our Attorneys are always focused on identifying potential tax issues and structuring each transaction in the most tax-efficient manner. All clients should be aware that even the most conservative and thorough tax planning runs the risk of audit.

Specifically, our firm provides representation in the following tax law areas: 






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