Business Formation

Clients from a broad range of industries come to Lewis-Traut & Ruswick, APC, for the formation of their business because they appreciate the balance of our technical know-how with our personal commitment to help them form, modify, or terminate their business.

Individuals who plan to start a new business face a variety of legal and tax hurdles that require the assistance of qualified counsel. For example, business owners need answers to questions like the following:

Indeed, often clients are not entirely sure what questions they should be asking. We help with that, too. Before advising, we listen; we first identify a client’s goals, both business and personal. Then, we reverse engineer a plan starting with those goals to a strategy that successfully achieves them.

When clients select a business structure, they often do so by considering three factors: (1) the tax consequences, (2) the complexity of the structure, and (3) the amount of liability protection the structure provides. For example, while a general partnership is a relatively simple form of running a business, it affords little liability protection. Similarly, while a corporation offers much liability protection, it is subject to so-called “double taxation.”






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