Lewis-Traut & Ruswick, APC provides professional and expert legal representation in a wide range of practice areas, including, estate planning, tax planning, business planning, probate, and trust administration. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and expertise in Federal and State tax law and have practical experience developing and implementing complex legal structures.

The complex and comprehensive nature of the U.S. Tax Code has made it increasingly important for clients to be represented by Attorneys that understand the tax consequences associated with various legal transactions. At Lewis-Traut & Ruswick, APC, our attorneys proactively identify the tax consequences associated with various transactions and advise clients on the most tax-efficient way to structure their estate, business, and real estate transactions.


“This is a knowledgeable and professional team of attorneys. They did a fantastic job for us reviewing, updating, and refreshing our trust documents, as well as briefing us on the various changes to the law that have occurred over the years. And, perhaps most importantly, they have a clear, coherent moving forward strategy for keeping us abreast of future changes and working with us proactively. We could not have been more pleased with the entire experience. It is with confidence and pleasure that [my wife] and I are adding Lewis Business and Estate Planning to our trusted list of advisors for the long term.”

~ John L., Newport Beach, CA

“We completed the update to our trust today. [Our children] were given an excellent overview of the amended trust and Christy answered all their questions in a professional manner that they could understand. Christy gets 10 out of 10 for her effort, performance and end product.”

~ Jeff & Kat D., Newport Beach, CA






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Christy Lewis-Traut, Esq., LL.M.: clewis@lewistrautruswick.com
Jessica Ruswick, Esq., LL.M.: jruswick@lewistrautruswick.com
Katie Woznicki, Esq.: kwoznicki@lewistrautruswick.com

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