Federal Estate Tax Calculator

(Internal Revenue Code ยงยง 2001 & 2010)

Federal gift and estate taxes are imposed on the value of property gratuitously transferred by one person to his or her beneficiary(ies), in excess of the applicable exclusion amount. The gift tax applies to lifetime gifts and the estate tax applies to transfers at death. The two systems work together to permit a person to transfer an amount up to the applicable exclusion amount by lifetime gift, transfer at death, or combination of the two without being subject to tax. The value of property transferred in excess of the applicable exclusion amount is then subject to tax. In 2018, the applicable exclusion amount is $11,180,000.oo per person and is indexed to inflation. The tax rate for amounts in excess of the unified credit is a flat 40%.

Please use the calculator below to estimate the federal estate tax liability for the estate of a decedent passing away in 2018.

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Your estimated estate tax due (@ 40%)
Net Value of Estate After Tax Paid

This federal estate tax calculator is for informational purposes only and should not be considered nor relied on
in place of legal advice as it is only a general estimate based on the applicable provisions of the Internal
Revenue Code and is not fact specific. Furthermore, this calculator does not fully consider the effect of gift tax
paid on the prior year's gifts, and gifts made within three years of death. Lastly, this calculator does not fully account
for portability of a deceased spouses applicable exclusion amount, which may be used by the surviving
spouse in determining estate tax payable.